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Reiki is the transfer of energy through the practitioner to your pet. Animals instantly recognize Reiki energy and often welcome it and settle into "zen" mode easily..

You can arrange to have an appointment with me by phone, text or email. All In-person Animal Reiki treatments take place in your home ( or some place your animal is comfortable). They will receive the Reiki energy through my hands. For the most part, my hands stay slightly above their body for the entire treatment (however some animals prefer to be across the room from me and that's ok too). Reiki energy travels and will stay with them after their appointment, working on their wellbeing for a few days afterwards. Most sessions are 60 minutes.  


Each Animal Reiki and Intuitive session is unique and includes a post-Reiki information session based upon intuitive guidance that I receive during our session. Many Pets choose to share with me their own personal thoughts, concerns and feelings during Reiki!

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